The Founders

{Alice Haefele}


Alice Haefele has many years of experience in the accounting and administrative fields, and is a talented operations management professional. She started her career working in the office of a Certified Public Accountant and went on to help him transition his e-commerce hobby business into a million dollar venture. During the process, Alice learned she had a knack and a passion for working with "idea people" -- individuals who have drive and passion, but could use some help with the day-to-day operations and organization that serve as the foundation for any business. 

Since then, she's worked with many entrepreneurs in the Santa Barbara area, providing expertise in the areas of business development, project management, startup consulting, and accounting. Alice is an expert at serving as a valuable business partner to passionate, driven entrepreneurs and business owners. 

In her personal time, Alice loves hiking and spending time with her dog, Honey. 

{Anna Haefele, aPHR}


Anna Haefele is the creative half of the founding team, but she is not without operational and technical chops. Before learning web development and entering the world of professional visual design, Anna worked in Human Resources for a Civil Engineering firm. During this time, she earned her aPHR credential and learned what it takes to sensibly and professionally handle areas like staffing, project management, software implementation, team training, CRM, and performance management. She also managed the department’s transition to a paperless system, successfully navigating both practical and legal requirements throughout the transition.

Eventually, though, she fell in love with her side-hustle and began to focus her attention on building a career as a designer and developer. Since then, she's expanded her skills to include an in-depth knowledge of Wordpress and Squarespace, PHP, HTML, CSS, and Adobe CC, and has spoken internationally on implementing analytics tools for digital marketing and SEO.

She speaks intermediate-level Spanish (always improving!), and is an avid traveler. 


The Team

{Elise Bozzuto}


Elise Bozzuto is a skilled problem-solver with many years of administrative experience.  She began working as a medical professional where she gained a thorough knowledge of medical billing and coding, insurance guidelines and regulations, as well as experience as a first responder. She left the clinical setting to pursue business management, eventually overseeing a district of profitable restaurants and the many staff necessary to run them. Through this she gained experience with human resources, bookkeeping, and financial reporting.

Elise is also a skilled photographer, with a passion for art and design. She often uses her creative flair to improve upon various projects. In past projects, she has used this creativity to provide efficient business solutions, such as paperless office conversions and interactive web content. In her free time, she is an avid outdoor enthusiast and mountaineer, and loves to travel.


Joseph Allen has been working with True Bloom Coop since 2018, and is a Santa Barbara local with a passion for problem solving. Joseph values efficiency and is always looking for ways to streamline tasks and eliminate wasted time. He enjoys working with a wide variety of professional software, and is a skilled IT Specialist with experience in PC maintenance and optimization, hands-on networking, hardware solutions, software troubleshooting, and network visualization and security. He also studied game design and is consequently a total master at digital imaging, 3D animation, film production, audio engineering, and data entry, with crossover skills in web development.

Other hobbies include cooking, craft beer appreciation, taking and sharing cat pictures, and building and upgrading custom PC’s to name a few. Accomplished Cicerone certified bartender, and chef, Joseph left the kitchen (much to the dismay of his patrons) to capitalize on his greater technical proficiencies.